David and the team know that when you’re looking for a firm that provides tree pruning in Healesville, it comes down to ensuring the tree’s health, shape and aesthetics and we always keep this goal in mind.

While pruning of small trees and shrubs can often be done on your own if you have the experience and know what you’re doing, Ranges Tree Services, Tree Pruning Yarra Ranges, would never recommend that you sacrifice your own safety when a larger tree needs pruning and that is why we are here to offer the best tree pruning services in Healesville. We know all of the latest techniques to prune small to large trees, shrubs and hedges safely, efficiently and professionally.

Because we know intimately how trees grow and what can affect their health, we are extremely careful to only prune for specific reasons such as to remove dead branches and crowded limbs or to increase the amount of light and air penetrating the tree’s crown. Pruning should only be done minimally so as not to disturb the tree’s health and ability to grow. David and the team provide the best tree pruning in Healesville and it comes from taking these factors into account.

If you need your tree cleaned of dead or diseased branches, thinned out to improve the shape and allow more light and air to access the crown, reduced in size (e.g. to avoid overhanging wires) or just raised, call David and the team today!